Friday, July 20, 2007

100 Things the Iphone Doesn't Do

  1. Play songs as ringtones
  2. Support many popular instant messaging formats

  3. Picture message

  4. Buttons

  5. Record video

  6. Voice recognition or voice dialing

  7. Work on any network but AT&T

  8. Access Itunes over Wi-fi or EDGE network

  9. Call the Ghostbusters

  10. Include accurate “Gaydar”

  11. Serve as portable storage for your “Magic, The Gathering” collection

  12. Keep Paris Hilton in jail

  13. Keep Paris Hilton out of jail

  14. Keep the jail out of Paris Hilton

  15. Hide my stash

  16. Cure your athletes foot

  17. Make Rosie O’Donnell talented, attractive or likeable in any way

  18. Judo chop Sasquatch

  19. Execute telemarketers

  20. Recover repressed childhood memories

  21. Battle the Decepticons

  22. Make your pants fit better

  23. Continue to improve your sense of self worth after the novelty wears off

  24. Mask your offensive body odor

  25. Make your kid sister a virgin again

  26. Keep track of Brangelina’s children

  27. Find Osama Bin Laden

  28. Find Waldo

  29. Assess the value of your antique butt-plug

  30. Mimic the “Axe Effect”

  31. Axe you a question

  32. Trim pubes

  33. Shoot the deputy

  34. Swing both ways

  35. Improve your “Body Mass Index” score

  36. Understand George W. Bush

  37. Explain Scientology in a way that won’t make you laugh

  38. Condone the Catholic church’s recent behavior

  39. Play that

  40. Make your wireless bill easier to understand

  41. Make your in-laws like you

  42. Perform the Heimlich maneuver when you choke on “Harry Potter Swamp-ass” flavored jelly beans

  43. The Macarena

  44. Make you look like less of an asshole when you’re doing The Macarena

  45. Turn water into wine

  46. Bitch at you for forgetting to put the seat down

  47. Stop Brittney Spears from exposing her genitalia

  48. Find itself when you lose it

  49. Fight for its right to party

  50. Cure “stage fright” at the men’s room urinal

  51. Take no shit from anybody

  52. Protect you from stingray attacks

  53. Anything less than a 9, 6 when it’s drunk

  54. It

  55. Make living with your parents at 34 seem cool

  56. Take cheap shots at your mother

  57. Nude Pilates

  58. Wipe more than 3 times… no matter what

  59. Choose hoes over bros

  60. Speak to Bill Gates in anything but a very curt tone of voice

  61. Stop...Belieeeeeeeving”

  62. Anal

  63. Wa diddy diddy dum diddy do

  64. Heroine

  65. Rate its lovers on a scale of “Fell Asleep” to “Couldn’t Get Enough”

  66. Laugh every time someone says “Donkey-punch”

  67. Bring the muthafuckin’ ruckus

  68. Puss-out on a dare

  69. Claim that it “never inhaled”

  70. Flawlessly recite the lyrics to the Barenaked Ladies’ hit single “One Week”

  71. Claim that it “never inhaled”

  72. Midget porn

  73. Show up loaded to an AA meeting

  74. Make little cars out of its poop and drive them around the toilet

  75. Read Marx and smell like a Spearhead concert

  76. Trip you and pee in your mouth

  77. F*ck with Mark Wahlberg

  78. Admit that its really, really excited for the release of “Halo 3”

  79. Run with diarrhea

  80. Have sex in the Champagne Room

  81. Accidentally shart at a funeral

  82. Accuse a close friend of faulty rape charges

  83. Lie about it’s age

  84. Hast Meich

  85. Drive worse than Women

  86. Deny that Ashton Kutcher may indeed have an Oedipal complex

  87. Negotiate with terrorists

  88. Lie on a personality test

  89. Stay with Tom Cruise in the closet

  90. Draw Swastikas on a sleeping friend’s forehead

  91. Associate with known Tricks, Marks, Trick-ass-marks or Mark-ass-tricks, most especially Scallywhops

  92. Hesitate to get medieval on someone’s ass if need be

  93. Comprehend the significance of dialing “867-5309”

  94. Talk about Fight Club

  95. Get a little misty when they say, “Move…That…BUS!”

  96. Karaoke… until it’s had seven beers, two shots of tequila and one Yager bomb

  97. Say “Sean Connery” in a Scottish accent

  98. Discriminate against 21 year-old dime-pieces who may have stripped and/or posed nude, but are still good people

  99. Use Protection

  100. Make fun of you at the beach in front of prospects because of your sand-dollar sized areolas

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